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About Thalia

The building that houses Thalia was built in 1894. It was the home of The Shamrock Tavern which closed in the late ’60s/early ’70s. After it was the Shamrock Tavern it was a mill shop and then became our new home. Thalia is a neighborhood.

What kind of restaurant is Thalia?

Thalia is a neighborhood restaurant. We want to provide honest food to good people, especially our neighbors. We want the restaurant to not only be a place for our neighbors to eat but for our community to gather. We take great pride in sourcing locally, working sustainably and making sure there is the intention behind every dish of food and glass of wine served.

Why the name “Thalia”?

To be honest, we loved the name of the street and we are really bad at picking names! A few fun things, Thalia Street is named after the muse Thalia (as are the surrounding streets). A muse is a person, usually a woman, who gives someone, usually a man, a desire to create art, poetry, or music, and gives them ideas for it. The word muse originates from Greek mythology. The Greek gods Zeus and Mnemosyne had nine daughters called the Muses. The nine daughters were of one being in heart, spirit, and thought. If the muses loved a man, then the man's worries instantly disappeared. The muse is not always a human being. It could be either spiritual or a person of flesh and blood. A Goddess, on the other hand, is a female spirit or being that is believed to have power over a particular part of the world or nature.

Thalia was the muse who presided over comedy and idyllic poetry (idyllic poetry is a short poem descriptive of rustic/rural or peasant life as its theme).

Her name means "flourishing" because the praises in her songs flourished through time. She was the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the eighth-born of the nine muses. 

She was portrayed as a young woman with a joyous air, crowned with ivy, wearing boots and holding a comic mask in her hand. Many of her statues also hold a bugle and a trumpet (both used to support the actors' voices in ancient comedy), or occasionally a shepherd’s staff or a wreath of ivy.  

Thalia (also known as alligator-flag) is also an aquatic plant…which is native to swamps and other wetlands in the south and the central US, including Louisiana.

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